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Included are the exploits of Iowa pioneer aviators such as the Baldwin brothers, Lincoln Beachey, Glenn Messer, Eugene Ely, Glen Romkey, Clifton "Ole" Oleson, John and Bite Livingston, Neta Snook, Ruth Law, Oscar Solbrig, Ralph Cram, Don Luscombe, Billy Cook, Dan Hunter, Bob Taylor, and many others who inspired today's generation Iowa aviators.

ISBN #13-978-0-7385-8330-3 $21.99


Here, told primarily through over 200 original Patrol photographs and in their own words, is the story of the Iowa State Patrol. It began as the Iowa Highway Safety Patrol in 1935 with 50 men - the vision of Mrs. Ola Babcock Miller, Iowa's first female secretary of state. Today their tradition for promoting Iowa highway safety continues with the hundreds of men and women of the Iowa State Patrol. Foreword by Mike Horihan.

Arcadia Publishing. $21.99


Relive the amazing story of the 1939 Iowa football season. Told through the eyes of many of those who were there - players, fans, opponents - this story descibes the grueling season of upset victories of powerhouses like Minnesota and Notre Dame by a Hawkeye team that included Iowa's only Heisman Trophy winner, Nile Kinnick.

Included are letters from members of that 1939 team and Nile Kinnick's father to the author. ISBN #1-4010-9044-3 

Hardcover $27.99 Softcover $17.99


In 1932, an elderly widow was elected as Iowa's first female Secretary of State. Ola Babcock Miller proceeded to create a Highway Safety Patrol for her home state. She promoted it with a single platform: "Save Lives First!" This is the story of Mrs. Miller's vision and how it evolved from the "First Fifty" men of the Iowa Highway Safety Patrol in 1935 to the men and women of the modern Iowa State Patrol. ISBN#1-4184-1456-5

                    Hardcover $31.50

                    Softcover $21.75

Scott M. Fisher


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