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It's not a "religious book" - rather it is a collection of short stories set in a wide range of locations and times, containing a variety of characters - some human, some not so much. Here you'll find the sentimental, the outrageous, the ridiculous, and the hopeful. From pretentious complaining cars to scolding sports mascots, to sympathetic spirits, even a Vatican corporate spy - these stories are just for fun. An added bonus includes never-before-published pencil sketches drawn specifically for this collection by author/artist Jan Neudeck.

Authorhouse ISBN #1-4259-1595-7 Softcover $14.99

Hardcover $19.99


We're setting the Wayback Machine for a time in America between Korea and Vietnam, when if you were a kid, your personal value was based on what bike you rode, which comic book heroes you liked and how many baseball cards you had. A time of all-day baseball, all-night kick-the-can and your mom making you wear "school clothes" to shop downtown. Little kids learned about life, economics and social justice from the "big kids" at the neighborhood playground. Children walked to their elementary school in all kinds of weather. 

Teachers, mostly underpaid exceptional women, were respected, obeyed feared, and adored. Which lunch box you carried and what food you traded mattered. TV shows were in black-and-white and whether you liked "Maverick," "Twilight Zone" or "Top Cat" determined who you were.

So brew yourself a warm Bosco, put on your Mickey Mouse ears or Davy Crockett cap and check out these memories narrated by a young shade immersed in those fleeting glimpses of a bygone era. It's mostly just for laughs. Here that? Mr. Peabody and Sherman are calling. Over 500 pages & 170 images. ISBN #978-1717047441 softcover $22.00 

Also available in e-book format


Get a Room!  Life in a Rural B&B

This is the story of two families - five generations of rural Iowa innkeepers and their lives operating two "twin" railroad hotels - one in the early years of the 20th Century in a rural "boomtown" and the other in the early years of the 21st Century in a rural "ghost town."  From the time of horse and buggy travel with the telegraph as the main form of "instant communication" to modern automobiles and the Internet.  Yet, many of their challenges and successes follow an interesting parallel.  Included are letters and reminiscences from the author's great-grandparents and their children, as well as over 150 photos. Available in both paperback ($20)and e-book ($4.99)formats.  

ISBN 979-86273347882

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